October 13, 2013#

The top reasons junior or princess leave the church


The top reasons junior or princess leave the church, in reverse order:

5. They hear sermons that are either self-help driven (what you get out of it,) church/money-driven (building campaigns, volunteers/workers needed,) or bible trivia-driven (head knowledge) instead of gospel-driven (heart knowledge.)
4. They don’t WANT to belong to a country club and, conversely, they don’t NEED to belong to a night club or comedy club.
3. Church is seen as either a rigid place enslaved to non-essential tradition or a pandering “look how cool and relevant we can be.”
2. After being exposed to university-level thought and debate, the sermons are seen as light and shallow.
1. As they come to understand what the Bible says about Jesus, they don’t see those qualities in their parents or the church.

My friend David Kinnaman has written a good book on the topic called, You Lost Me. It’s worth a read. DISCLAIMER: I titled the book and contributed content as well. I get no royalties though. :/

What would you add to the list?

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