November 15, 2013#

The best book (I wrote) for Christian teens wanting to date (so far)


I wrote a book for Christian teens back in 2009 called B4UD8 (Before You Date) along with my wife Hayley. Hayley was known more infamously for co-writing a 2003 release Dateable, but few know that we never speak on Dateable and that B4UD8 was a game changer on how we began to change the way we talked about guys, girls, and relationships. We wish we could say that B4UD8 was as commercially successful as its predecessor (Dateable outsells it 8:1,) but we’re proud to say that B4UD8 won the highest honor in Christian publishing, the 2010 Christian Book Award for Youth.

We reached out to our publisher to request that they offer B4UD8 available for free on ebook readers so you can read for yourself how we communicate to Christian teens on the subject of dating, though five years later it needs a little refresh (yes, there’s a K-Fed reference.) That’s why Hayley and I are working on a new book on the subject to go even deeper spiritually into why we look for love in another. Bad news: that won’t be written for awhile. Good news: as of 2pm, Friday, 11/15/13, the Kindle version of B4UD8 is now listed on Amazon for $0.00. Our publisher has agreed to do this through the weekend until Monday morning. Thanks to Revell Books and Baker Publishing Group for this gift.

Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/B4UD8-Before-You-Date-Things-before-ebook/dp/B002E7ARVE/ 

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