August 1, 2009#

B4UD8 (Before You Date)


Whether d8ing or w8ing, ther r 7 thngs u need 2 kno B4UD8!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve kissed dating good-bye or embraced dating with a bear hug, there are some things that you absolutely must know before hanging out with the opposite sex. Whether you’re curious about your first date or want a better outcome than your last relationship, everybody could use a little wisdom before diving headfirst into the dating pool.

InĀ B4UD8, Hayley and Michael show you how you can date with confidence and a clear conscience. They know all the highs and lows of dating and they want you to learn from their experience. With plenty of straight talk and humor they show you how to

  • date with a purpose (or don’t date at all)
  • take care of your body and soul
  • know the difference between dating and marriage (besides the obvious)
  • have a life of your own while you date
  • watch out for red flags
  • embrace rejection
  • keep dating from becoming your idol

So get this 2010 Christian Book of the Year for Youth for a fresh (and biblical) perspective on dating and waiting!